Restore Balance to Your Body

Rebalance & Restart with Real Food

Reclaim Your Skin's Natural Beauty

Restore Balance to Your Body

Rebalance & Restart with Real Food

Reclaim Your Skin's Natural Beauty


• Facials that Transform
• Products that Support
• Results that Satisfy
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Change Your Food, Change Your Mood
Learn how Food Heals


Understand how releasing “emotional baggage” can restore health, balance and well-being.

Hello and Welcome!

You are here because you are looking for ways to support your skin, right? You may even be considering or have had procedures done. With all the services and techniques available now, the basic foundation never changes: Your skin requires topical, nutritional and emotional support.  I want to get to the root cause of your concerns…I don’t just want to treat symptoms.

Facials are my vehicle to your core wellness. If what you are eating, feeling and thinking is not whole, real and true to yourself, it will reflect in your health.

At EdenSpa Wellness, I give what I expect to receive…results, relaxation and education. For a healthy complexion you need healthy circulation. Massage delivers that and that’s something I do a lot of! But it doesn’t stop there…

Through my 20 year career I have come to observe the intimate connection between our outward appearance and our “inner-net”. I came to understand the importance of proper nutrition for healthy skin and became certified as a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (NTP). But there was still something missing. The “mechanics” were in place but people still weren’t making the connection. I realized that many of us are still held back by “emotional baggage”. I became certified in The Emotion Code (TEC). This is an energy healing method that releases trapped emotions or imbalances that may hold us back from achieving optimal health.

Eika Petermann: Licensed Esthetician, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki I Practitioner. Trained in Chinese Face Reading and Energy Patterns

At EdenSpa Wellness, I deliver a truly unique healing experience using a variety of my trainings and my favorite part of my job is to literally watch the transformation of someone receiving a treatment. Your skin is a reflection of your connection to your self. A wise person said to me “the more you self-care, the faster you manifest.”

I’m here to build and commit, not earn and turn. I don’t do bargain basement and I don’t cut corners. I am the business. YOU are the client. WE are the relationship.

Recommended Products

While visiting my website be sure to check out the line of skincare, cosmetics and nutritional products that I have personally selected as my favorites. I recommend them to my clients and I love seeing the results. Among them you’ll find: Annemarie Börlind from Germany, Le Mieux, Pure Luxe Apothecary, Sormé Treatment Cosmetics, Babelash, Vital Proteins, and VitaJuwel USA.

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