Our Fabulous Products

We carry only the finest, highest quality products. Each line has been judiciously hand-selected and tested to provide the optimal support for your skin. From advanced, active products to organic botanicals, we have your skin care and makeup needs covered!

Annemarie Börlind Natural Skincare from Germany:

I love this line because of its commitment to the environment and natural skin care products. Developed almost 60 years ago in Germany, this company is high on integrity and my go-to line for clients with mature or sensitive skin issues. It is safe, gentle and supportive. Borlind holds itself to the highest Eco-Control Certification.

Le Mieux Skin Care: French for “The Best”
This hyaluronic acid-based line delivers essential hydration. It is light-weight and absorbent. Regardless of your skincare issues, skin needs to be properly hydrated to reduce inflammation and achieve healing. I appreciate the simplicity of Le Mieux and love that there is not an overwhelming array of products to choose from. All their moisturizers are 24- hour creams, meaning you need only one product for day and night. Less is more!!

Pure Luxe Apothecary:

This is a oil-based skincare line and I’m so glad oils have made a come-back!  Oils work in tandem beautifully with our skin’s own oils to support and protect the skin’s mantle.  Best of all, this line is woman-owned and locally produced using natural ingredients.  Supporting our local economy is paramount to me and when the quality is this high, that’s easy to do and I know I’m giving my clients what’s best for their skin.

Sormé Cosmetics:

I love showing clients how to subtly balance their complexion with makeup that provides a light touch. Sorme provides different levels of coverage, can be used wet or dry, but always looks natural. It comes in a variety of liquids, powders and creams, so there is something for everyone! I do a color-match while you are here so we can find the perfect shade.

Babelash Lash Serum: Your lashes. Longer. Naturally.

Eyelashes are the big craze at the moment.  But if lash extensions are not for you, Babelash offers you length and thickness by enhancing the growth of your own lashes.  Easy to use, no adhesives, no maintenance, no damage to your own lashes and a lot less expensive.

Vital Proteins: Internal Support for Your Hair, Skin, Nails

I discovered these amazing products when I became certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP).  They quickly became the “gold standard” among us NTPs. I believe Vital Proteins delivers long-lasting, collagen-building support for firmer skin, reduced joint and bone pain and healing for the gut. Their products are quality-sourced and easy to use.  I recommend them to all my clients.  Even if you are dealing with complex health issues, you’ve got to start healing at the foundation.

VitaJuwel USA: Gemstone Water Bottles for Vital Health

Hand-made in Germany, based on the healing qualities that crystals and gemstones have bestowed for centuries, when I saw these, I knew I had to have them. The idea of gemstone-infused water totally resonates with me. The gemstones infuse the water with high-frequency energies, we consume that water and enhance our own health in the process. Voila! Stay hydrated. That easy. That beautifully. I can’t wait for you to see them and try them out!